3D Modeling

Boogieman Creature Sculpt

With the Boogieman sculpt I wanted to create an antagonist that would embody fear for a 10 year old child (our protagonist character). When coming up with it’s silhouette I wanted something that could be imposing and aggressive. The giant stomach mouth  was something I really thought would be a unique take on the creature so that it could eat a person whole.


Boogieman Work in Progress


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Boogie Man Low Poly sculpt: 11569 faces


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Low Poly UVs:


Original Concept:


Septilia Creature Sculpt

The game I created this creature from is based off of ______ game concept. I choose the herbivore character because I knew I had to do research on what characteristics would give it an herbivore, amphibious and defense focused design. When designing the creature I based its appearance on how an amphibious species would evolve to live in a swampy biome. The back was designed to look like mossy rock  so it looked like a mass of land floating in the middle of the swamp and also functioned as a natural shield for incoming attacks. It also has a blue translucent  underbelly that has bio-luminescent organs, I did this as both aesthetic and functional design for players to visually see the weak points of the creature. I also made sure like a true herbivore the teeth were very flat.



Original Concept Design


Creature Model works in progress


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First 3D Model Build: Tank Display Model



Room Texture art


This was a room that was already modeled for me and the challenge was to create a specific mood for the room. I wanted to give it an abandoned, ominous and wet feeling. When texturing the room I kept in mind where moisture and water would collect and had moss and plant life growing from those areas. The same with the rust and discoloration of the wood touching the floor. I kept in mind that moisture would effect rust patterns on the metal pipes as well.

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