Character and Object Concept Design

Animous Character and Environment Design

When coming up with concepts for this game I was given a breakdown of the synopsis, genre and game play of the game and created assets based on the design brief given to me. “Evolution Survival” (Which me and my partner renamed Animous) is an open world, RPG, survival game where your creature must adapt and become stronger to hunt, and further the reach of your territory. The concept was made with PlayStation, Xbox, and PC in mind with a target audience of those who enjoy strategy, stealth and action based RPGs. The different styles of game play is based off of the creature traits players decide to progress.

Silhouette and Value study


Character Turnaround


Environment Value Study


Environment Gradient Mapping

Creature and Environment Rendering

Enviroment final.jpg


Good Force Character and Environment Design

Good Force, the idea of a game that consisted of spoofs of the late 80’s and early 90’s hit cartoons (like Thunder cats, Transformers, Street Sharks, Vultron and so on) hash it out in a battle royal and team death match style game/animation.

My team decided to go with 2D animation and I designed a character that would be a defected evil counterpart to Lion-o. When designing Lyporro (a Lynx and Leopard hybrid) I wanted a silhouette that would be hulking and intimidating (if he was in a game he’d be a brawler). When finalizing his design I wanted a character that not would strike fear in the heroes but, also come off as arrogant, violent and suave.

After creating the character I designed a level (environment)  with story telling elements to create a interesting piece. The designed started with a value study to showcase depth and distinct shapes. Next was a color study to add a tone to the piece to suite the story of the environment (Lyporro stalking a member of the Thunder cats in to a sacred ruin). And the final environment step to render out the elements in the environment.

The final piece for this project was to create a promotional piece for the group’s game/animation. I decided to design a promotional poster for the animated movie. I used my knowledge of graphic design to come up with a composition that would compliment each character that my team made as well as my character and give them a cohesive feel and style. My final render of the poster below gave a great sense of unifying the very different personalities of the characters as well a sense of persona for each character.

Good Force Animated Movie Poster
Animation Movie Poster


For this project I was given multiple stories to choose from and tasked to break one of them down into tangible elements for designing characters, locations and props. From the story I added a Nordic twist to it to give a grounded base for my character designs. For the first step I designed unique silhouettes that gave a distinct impression of the character’s personality and traits.


For Bjornwulf I wanted to design a strong father feel to the silhouette and, by having his dominant arm missing it gives notice to past struggles and adds layers to his character. During the refinements of his character I wanted to mix 1800’s lower-class British garbs with redesigned Nordic wear. For Bjornwulf’s props I thought of implementing combinations of 11th century Nordic bladed weaponry with late 1800’s firearms. I wanted a weapon to have close quarters and ranged capabilities in order to give diversity to his fighting style and to be able to use his prop in unique ways. I designed the weapon to be recognizably Bjornwulf’s without his character interacting with the prop.

When I was designing Jormundgand I changed up the snake’s role in the original story to be a serpent (gorgon) sorceress. As an antagonist I wanted her design to be sharp and more angular, so when creating her silhouettes I made sure to mirror that idea. During refinement I was playing with the idea of mixing British influence into her wardrobe to show her status of an upper-class sorceress.  Jormundgand’s props were designed with her sorceress characteristics and her serpent characteristics in mind. I wanted to give her a weapon like Bjornwulf that would double as a close quarters and ranged weapon but adding a magic or rune feel to it to follow in her design.

Character line up for Fimbulwinter


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