Environment Concepts

Yggdrasil Game Concept

This is my interior and exterior concept paintings of Helhiem world within Yggdrasil’s realm.

Braller Arena Concept


Futuristic sports beat ’em up arena design. The art director wanted the game to have a tron-ish aesthetic with a sports arena base. I used a soccer like layout while maintaining a futuristic laser light effect to make the barrier walls.


For the second stage the art director for Braller wanted a Nordic/ space marine architectural influence for this arena. I to maintain a consistent feel for this arena while giving it it’s own identity in color palette and detail elements, such as the hologram trees for the Nordic woods feel to it.

Sci-fi Environment Concept

During the initial block outs of the environments I wanted to give each a different computational feel like claustrophobic, ominous, massive and so on. Once I decided on the concept I was going forward with I I used references to come up with color studies to give a specific feeling towards the concept. I choose a color palette that gave a cold sci-fi and isolated themes. The final product was a result of these choices.

Castle Siege
Castle Siege


Fighting Game Érde Background  Level Concept


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