Graphic Design

Branding Designs

Cedar Hive:

Cedar Hive is a Brand based off of the bearded community. I  came up with the concept to be an all inclusive brand that catered to a niche market the beards men, bear and “lubmersexual” community and those who admire them. The theme is vary nature based and highly influenced by the word “bear” in beard. Cedar have was targeting those who are artistic types and combined illustrative art with vector art to come up with a brand identity. I designed and created a Logo, business cards, poster, web page invite, Facebook page banner, wall mural, and other collateral pieces that stayed in touch with the look and feel of the brand.

Animous Art Book

When coming up with concepts for this game I was given a breakdown of the synopsis, genre and game play of the game and created assets based on the design brief given to me. “Evolution Survival” (Which me and my partner renamed Animous) is an open world, RPG, survival game where your creature must adapt and become stronger to hunt, and further the reach of your territory. The concept was made with PlayStation, Xbox, and PC in mind with a target audience of those who enjoy strategy, stealth and action based RPGs. The different styles of game play is based off of the creature traits players decide to progress.

I also came up with both the studio “Sad Panda Productions”  logo and Animous name and logo design. Making sure that brand identity (or look and feel) matched the theme of the game’s conception.  I choose the name Animous from the word animus which means hostility.

Case Study

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot:

For this project I was solving a problem, that many service members believe that they have to brave their problems on their own. The public may not know what they can do to help Veterans and active service members in need. With this campaign I aim to raise public / military personal’s awareness of Veteran suicide, trauma, homelessness, unemployment, mental health and benefits. Though the VA is the most well known care provider for Veterans, the top reason why they do not go to the VA is because of lack of trust in the government and institutions ran by them.

I created a schedule to finalize designs within the 11 week time frame that I was giving.  I made sure there was continuity in everything around this campaign.

Schedule for the Campaign

Thumbnails for the Logo and Campaign:

When coming up with the logo I wanted something that would not isolate one particular branch of service as well as making the identity of the brand be obviously American with a comedic (at ease) feeling for service members to trust the brand. That how I came up with the name Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Phonetic for  “What the F*%@”) with the common understanding of that in the armed serves we say this a LOT.

Logo Finalization:

When coming up with the final design of the elements for the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot campaign I wanted to juxtapose the familiar cold typewriter typeface and reductive format of military documents, against friendlier and rounded elements and traditional tattoo inspired designs that are also familiar in the military without narrowing the spectrum to a specific branch of service.

Physical collateral:

When making the Posters for the campaign for the campaign I wanted to replicate the Veteran’s memorial wall in the design of the letters but, replacing the names with words that describe symptoms and causes of PTSD. The word association would have people curious investigate what WTF is.

Mobile app and Website design:

Keeping in line with the color palette and the look and feel of the brand I designed the app and the website. To keep with familiarity I used Facebook as a base for the design of the social media side of the website, to make it easier to navigate for Veterans and active duty service members.


Ame Tea:

Ame Tea is a high class brand of tea for the tea enthusiast.  For the Ame Tea brand I was tasked to create a web page invitation, Facebook banner, wall mural and apparel designs that fit within the style sheet guidelines and the look and feel of the brand. I mainly used water colors to and a mix of warm and cool colors to reflect the different types and servings of tea (warm, cold, blooming…etc.) The client loved the T-shirt designs the most, and I agree.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Calendar Design

When I designed these calendars I wanted the an artistic design that would make the entire design look like one cohesive piece. I used different tones and opacity of the character’s associated colors to give depth and order to the chaos of the design. with a combination of vector art and painterly strokes I created a unified but unique look to each month and character.


Movie Posters


Action Horror Blu-ray Package Design

For this package design I was tasked to create a entire Blu-ray movie package in line with a horror action genre. I used Resident Evil 5 and Operation Racoon City as my bases for my genre because they were a perfect fit for it using existing art work from Capcom I photo bashed and embellished images to fit the feel of the movie and with my original take on the story. I used san serif typography  for both the title and the body copy of the package to keep the theme consistent with action and The color scheme fits both action and horror genres to make is package.



Poster designs



For the past couple of years Volvo has been having trouble with expanding it’s demographic. My team was tasked to finding a way to get younger consumers to be interested in the company. Together we came up with a plan to make Volvo relevant to this demographic by attaching them to the hype and growing popularity with Marvel. Because comedy is one of the highest grossing genre me and a teammate brought up the proposal to use Deadpool as the mascot. Using more of the comedic aspect then the violence aspect of Deadpool I created this poster design to promote Volvo.


Musician Concert Poster designs:

For these two designs I was tasked to create a poster promoting an artist without using the human form (no images or illustrations of the artist). When creating these deigns I used elements that defined their respective genres and the artist.


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